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We are now offering surgeries too – Contact us to find out more


When the moment comes, we will be by your side in the most familiar environment your pet has ever known. We will guide you through this difficult time so the crossing of the rainbow bridge will be peaceful and stress free.


Vacccines are the first line of defense against the most common infectious diseases, many of which can be fatal. The delays with vaccinations due to the pandemic have caused that some of them are starting to re-emerge. Working hand in hand with BREEDERS, we want to provide the best possible care for puppies and kittens at this fragile stage of life.


First opinion consultations for new and pre-existing conditions. Treatment plans tailored for every budget. Second opinion with history and treatment study for complicated cases.

Preventative Care

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" B. Franklin

With our nurse clinics, we aim to help to prevent diseases related to parasites burden and weight related illnesses such as diabetes or arthritis.

Medication review Prescriptions

6 monthly checks for ongoing conditions. 1*-3-6 months supply of medications for your convenience. *Note that some conditions such as epilepsy or severe pain relief treatments may be restricted by 1 month supply only.

Referrals and Insurance claims

Certain conditions may require specialised help or further investigation and diagnostic tests. We will ensure a prompt referral process, so your pet can receive the best care. Help to process your insurance claims can also be provided.

About Us

Hensol Vets was started with the goal to provide unique and personal veterinary care for patients in the comfort of their own homes.

Over our many years of experience in veterinary clinics in the UK, we have witnessed first hand how many pets and their owners struggle to get the care they need. We are also aware how, sometimes, this experience can become cold, rushed, pushy and impersonal, affecting the relationship of trust between vet and clients.

Hensol Vets mission was born from the decision to make a change and we offer our clients independent, friendly and compassionate veterinary care and advice so there is a strong longlasting relationship. Just how it should be.

Our team will visit you and your pet at the comfort of you own home, where we will dedicate our knowledge and our time to help you and your beloved pet tailored to your individual needs.

The most sought appointment is the End of Life. We believe that if there is an appointment to be performed at home, this is the one. Compassionate Euthanasia, carried out in a familiar environment, surrounded by friends and familiar faces without unnecessary additional stress is the last gift we can give our loved companions and we are here to help.

Meet our team

Review from our customers

Our personalized nutrition products are simple and enjoyable, to fit seamlessly into daily lives.

“Thank you so much for the respectful manner of your visit. Your care and obvious love for dogs is evident”
"Thank you so much for yesterday, both mum and myself were so grateful and thankful for the way you both were, you made the whole situation more bearable. The fact we let my baby be released from her pain in her own home made it more perfect for her end of life."
A.W. & M.W.
"Had been searching for a mobile vet to give my bun his annual vaccination and I’m so glad I found Maya & Ivan! Both incredibly friendly and you can tell they have a big love for our fur babies."
"Such a fantastic service - really put my mind at ease and were both so caring for my elderly dog who we would struggle to get to a vet clinic."
"Beautiful caring house call for the hardest part of being a dog parent. So dignified and respectful and such a calm stress free death for our gorgeous old girl."
"Thank you for all you both have done for our Bella. You are very very good at what you are doing. I can't thank you enough."
"Maya & Ivan, Thank you both so much from the bottom of our hearts to help us through the most difficult part in life: Saying goodbye to our beautiful girl, Khaya."
S.H & E.L
''We want to express our deepest gratitude to Ivan & Maya for helping us get through a traumatic time. You were both so kind and caring that saying farewell to our beloved cat Lucy in the comfort of her own home made an awful experience more bearable.''
T & W

Happy to welcome you to our circle of friends

Hours of operation

10am-1pm - EMERGENCIES AFTER 1pm
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